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It has been a great honour collaborating with a well-known digital artist - Way Fung to develop a commission artwork for our store in Birmingham. Famous for his artwork <The Hype Supper> and notable works with Nike <Dynasty of Nike Air>. 


The concept blends Hong Kong and British cultures with imagery centred around references to Abbey road, made famous by the Beatles and Mongkok, an infamous district in Hong Kong, rich in streetwear and sneaker culture. 


Hong kong emphasises the fast evolution of trends and a mix of global culture and lifestyle. The reference to abbey road represents Britain in the form of one of its most iconic bands. The bridge we hope to create exposes the people of Britain (Beatles) to a whole new world of art/culture whilst synonymously sharing these cultures (Hong Kong) in the hope that one day, it could be as recognisable, to the British people, as the Beatles.


Emphasising both the fast evolution of trends and a mix of global culture, our mission as LABCLO. is not only to cross communicate these principles, but to also become a recognisable cornerstone on the soil we now call home.

This piece is now displayed in the LABCLO. store. Feel free to come visit us and take a look for yourself!

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