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Magic Stick - 2 Face Flannel Shirt

£295.00 Regular Price
£118.00Sale Price

Colour: Royal bred


This season's priority silhouette.

Super relaxed fit open collar shirt with a body width over 70cm.

Although it has simple specifications, it has extremely large sizing and a three-dimensional arm shape with elbow darts, giving it an attractive "falling" feel when worn.

Made of high-quality Japanese-made alpaca blend wool brushed check with a shaggy feel, which is a trendy fabric this season.

Separate in half at the center for color blocking. One of the attractions is the color scheme that reveals and hides the background of the brand, which is inspired by the team owner Hornets, which is a mix of MAGIC STICK's AJ color, which is a mix of royal and bread colors, and yellow and purple bases.

The key points are the light feel of wearing a poncho or large scarf, and the movement and looseness that comes from the loose fit.

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